Kink Development Dispute: San Francisco Porn Empire Battles Developers Next Door

10/21/2011 03:04 pm ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

In May, San Francisco's -- the fetish porn empire housed within the historic Armory building -- announced big plans for the vacant 38,000-square-foot drill court within its building. Visions included a community center, a weekly farmers market and a space for parties, festivals and events.

But now, according to the Examiner, plans are in danger of being overshadowed. On Wednesday, San Francisco's Historic Preservation Committee reviewed the proposed development of a neighboring apartment building directly adjacent to the drill court. The proposed building would house eight, two-bedroom apartments and would stand 50 feet high, blocking at least half of the drill court's windows.

According to Socketsite, owner Peter Acworth filed a report presenting three key problems with the proposed development: loss of light due to the height of the neighboring building; obstruction of the Armory's signature curved roof; and incompatible adjacent development that will place apartment buildings four feet from the planned event center.

"My concern is having neighbors so close, within four feet, that they're inevitable to complain during events," said Acworth. And with the drill court's space capacity topping 4,000 people, we can see why Acworth is concerned.

But the project developers -- and several members of the Planning Commission -- disagree, arguing that the apartments will not interfere with the Armory, and that restricting their development plans isn't fair.

"There are points that indicate the eventual situation will not be perfect, but we don't live in a perfect world," said Commissioner Richard S. E. Johns to the Examiner. "We live in a world of compromise and accommodation, so on the whole, we can all live together."

The Planning Commission will vote on the development on November 10.

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