U.S. Airways Passenger Goes Crazy On Flight, Cops On Board Subdue Him

10/21/2011 08:20 am ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

A passenger on a Hawaii-bound U.S. Airways flight went "crazy" on Wednesday, saying he had a gun and stripping off his clothes in flight.

U.S. Airways Flight 20 from Phoenix to Honolulu was roughly two hours away from its destination when the passenger started "having a panic attack", saying he had a gun and wanted off the plane immediately. The unidentified man also started stripping.

That's when two Jersey City cops, en route to a colleague's wedding in Hawaii, stepped in. Flight attendants made an announcement asking if there were any law enforcement officials on board and Officers Robert Taino Jr. and Paul Fennel volunteered their services. The man, who rushed the cockpit shirtless, was then tackled by the cops and two other passengers. The officers were given plastic handcuffs by the flight attendants, which they used to bind the man's hands before walking him to the back of the plane and standing with him there for the remainder of the flight, MyFox.com reports.

The plane was met by FBI agents, Homeland Security officers and members of the Honolulu Sheriff's Department. The Jersey City cops went on their way.

Jersey City Police Chief Thomas Comey issued a statement to MyFox.com saying: "The actions of Police Officer's Paul Fennell and Robert Taino Jr. should be commended. During a difficult situation they responded quickly and professionally to a potential threat on an airliner with disregard for their own safety. The Department as well as the City should be proud of these officers as their actions are a reflection of the dedication and hard work of the men and women of the Jersey City Police Department."