'Viral Video Story' Is A Mash-Up For The Ages (VIDEO)

10/21/2011 09:37 am ET | Updated Dec 21, 2011

We love it when videos like eHarmony cat lover and webcam 101 go viral, but with the exception of commercials for pistachios, those characters never really get the chance to leave the context of YouTube.

Luckily Zapatou has figured out a solution: put them all in a movie together!

"Viral Video Story" is part one of what appears to be a two-part trailer for a fake movie that mashes up all of the best viral videos from the past couple of years.

The boy watching Star Wars for the first time, Jedi kittens, and even the cyclist getting hit by an antelope all make appearances.

Will something like this ever actually hit theaters? Maybe not, but that's not going to stop it from being awesome online.

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