Top Nightclub Destinations In The World For The Post50 Crowd

10/23/2011 02:29 pm ET | Updated Dec 23, 2011

We've all seen it: the seemingly endless lines of dangerously high stilettos and sopping slicked-back hair. Teens and college kids (perhaps even some of your own) paying cover charges to enter a strobe-light infested haven where blaring music merely serves as a background track to the art of "looking cool" and "spitting game". Where are Post50s to sport their dancing shoes without feeling ancient or completely out of place?

Writer Laura Tenant feels your pain. Over at , Tenant solicited her coolest fellow middle-agers for a run down on the chicest nightclubs for the Post50 crowd, and reported back with the inside scoop. According to Tenant's sources, the following spots promise to make you feel your age rather than "a thousand years old"; play music that actually sounds familiar rather than seizure-inducing; and steer clear of "a sea of ostentatiously fecund teens and 20-somethings".

What are some of your favorite spots to hit the dance floor closer to home?