10/24/2011 06:35 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Bar Refaeli Talks Escada Fragrance, Affinity For Guys In Baggy Jeans

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Model and Sports Illustrated cover girl Bar Refaeli has signed on as the new face of Escada's latest fragrance, Especially Escada -- a sparkling rose scent with hints of Ylang Ylang and Ambrette seeds. "When they [Escada] first told me about what the fragrance represented, they said things like, 'spontaneous, free-spirited, elegant, feminine, soft' and all these things that I feel like I'm very much about and love in life," says Refaeli. "And then I smelled it and it actually smelled like it." We caught up with the model after the Especially Escada launch to discuss the fragrance, the workout plan that whips her into swimsuit-season shape and why she's anti-skinny jeans on guys.

What's the one product you always have in your bag?
Hand lotion. There's an Israeli brand called Ahava.

What about a go-to lipstick?
Right now, I'm using a Clinique balm with a little tint. It moisturizes your lips with a little color. I don't like lipsticks, but I like tints.

Is there any beauty advice your mom gave you growing up that you did follow and also some that you didn't follow?
It's not advice, but my mom is very known for her blue liner, she loves to wear really bright, blue eyeliner. I think now, more people are trying it, but she's been doing that forever. I've started to put blue liner inside my eye; it's unnoticeable, but it really give a pop. I like it, it's fun.

So I know that you love the new Especially Escada, but is there a scent or smell that you love?
Laundry, for sure. I'm obsessed, ask all my friends. The first thing I do when I come home is wash everything so it smells like me. And I always try to find the newest, best detergents. Obsessed, it's awful.

Who are your personal beauty icons from the past or today?
Well first of all, my mom. Because my mom always has a big smile on her face and I think that really makes a woman beautiful. It doesn't matter what she has on her face, like makeup. I like Cameron Diaz, I like how she's always sweet with her makeup. She never goes crazy, just like pink-y tints, I love that. I like Jennifer Aniston, I like all those girls that are simple. Very laid-back, the girl-next-door, sweet, always with a smile on their face and just go soft.

Can you tell me a little about how you get ready for swimsuit shoots? Does it take weeks or are you always exercising in preparation?
It depends on the time during the year. I try to exercise a lot just because I love it, I really, really love it. So when I spend a lot of time in Israel, I like to do TRX. It's a new workout, it's unbelievable. But when I travel, I don't work out. It's too tiring and it's too hard. Before a shoot, well let's see, you know what? From traveling so much and being on planes, I try to keep healthy at all times so it's not always before a shoot. I try to keep my body adjusted and normal and feeling like you can take it, it has to be healthy. So I eat junk food, but when I'm craving it, not just because it's there.

Are there any tips or tricks that you picked up on set during shoots? Any advice that you learned from other models?
I don't think there are any secrets, but eating healthy and working out. I wish there were, I wish there were a magic pill but really, it's doing that. And moderation, it's all in moderation. Don't not eat dessert ever, have it, but then relax on it. Have it when you're craving it, but then eat healthy.

What do you think is sexy on a woman, and what do you think is sexy on a man?
Same answer for both: confidence. I feel like when a woman or a man carries themselves with elegance and confidence and are happy with who they are, that's very, very sexy to me.

What's not sexy?
Lack of confidence? (laughs)

What about style-wise, what's unappealing on a man?
I don't like men that try too hard, I like men that are basic. You know, like jeans and a t-shirt. And you can also make it cool, like V-neck over crew neck. I like very, very simple. I actually like baggy jeans on guys rather than the skinny ones. I like guys that are comfortable and manly.

Last question. What's one thing that people don't know about you?
I don't know, I'll have to get a list of what people do know about me. Maybe they don't know that I'm very very goofy. Like around my friends, I'm always doing something stupid, I'm the first one up for an adventure. I like to hang out with the guys more than the girls. I'm a guy's girl.