Hugh Jackman In 'Hugh Jackman, Back On Broadway' (PREVIEW)

10/24/2011 03:13 pm ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

If you missed the news last month that Hugh Jackman is returning to Broadway, let us catch you up -- this show is literally all about Hugh Jackman being back on Broadway, hence the title, "Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway." The musical consists of the thespian singing a selection of Broadway's greatest hits, mixed with Jackman's own rock and roll preferences. Playbill got a preview of his song-and-dance routine last week, and here's the proof, folks. Jackman never looks quite as alive as he does when he's strutting his stuff, asking luck to be a lady tonight. It's a happy sight, and a welcome antidote to his stint fighting robots.

Previews for Hugh's grand return begin Tuesday, Oct. 25.


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