10/24/2011 10:24 am ET | Updated Dec 24, 2011

Eddie Murphy Talks Hosting The Oscars: Jokes He Won't Leave Early

It's a good thing they get along because Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy will be spending a serious amount of time together.

First, the pair is releasing their movie, "Tower Heist" this November and, come February, the two will be working together on one of the biggest gigs in Hollywood: The Oscars.

While at a press conference for their upcoming comedy, Murphy spoke to his much talked-about role as the award show's host.

"I'm looking forward to doing it and I promise I'll stay there all night," Murphy laughed. The joke was a reference to Murphy's infamous departure from the 2007 show after losing to Alan Arkin for Best Supporting Actor.

While the funny man hasn't hosted an awards program since the 80s, he told HitFix he is not worried about his upcoming gig.

"I don't really get nervous," Murphy said. "Oscars is a fun thing to do. I don't feel the pressure. I get to introduce people and stand up straight. Maybe I'll be in a couple silly sketches or something."

Though Murphy is one of the most respected comedians in Hollywood, when asked why he decided to accept Ratner's offer now, he responded casually that he's never hosted the show before.

And, he added, "I stay in the house a lot, guys."

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