10/25/2011 03:49 pm ET Updated Dec 25, 2011

Maria Topp Faces Prison Time After Admitting She Bit Her Boyfriend's Testicles

A British woman bit off more than she could chew, and now she may go to jail.

Authorities say that Maria Betty Top, mother of four, bit her partner's testicles during a drunken brawl on Feb. 18 that left the man bloody, disoriented, and in need of nineteen stitches.

"All options are open and that will include locking you up," court official Robin Mairs told Topp in the Newcastle Crown Court, according to the BBC.

The unlucky man, 45-year-old Martine Douglas, a disk jockey from Newcastle, was so horrified that emergency service operators had difficulty understanding the situation when he called for help, The Sun reports.

"The two had been in a relationship for five years at the time of this offence. There had been difficulties and turbulence in the past," Mairs continued. "They had split up numerous times, getting back together numerous times. On the day in question, there is no doubt they were very heavily in drink."

So heavily "in drink" that, despite admitting to the nauseating act, Topp says she has trouble accurately recalling the incident.

Topp will be sentenced Nov. 11, the BBC reports. Still, she maintains there was bad behavior on both sides.

In the woman's defense, lawyer Caroline Goodwin described the incidents leading up to the biting at a hearing, in which she said, "The defendant was on her back with the victim straddling her."