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Michele Bachmann Warns Against United Nations Taking Away Gun Rights

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Rep. Michele Bachmann, Republican candidate for president, speaks at the Commonwealth Club of California on Oct. 20 in San Francisco. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) | Getty Images

Republican presidential candidate and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann said she opposed the United Nations taking away gun rights at a recent Iowa campaign stop, even though such a scenario remains virtually impossible.

"I don't believe in the U.N. taking that right away from us, as well. There are international treaties that want to do that," she said in response to a question on the Second Amendment after affirming her support for gun rights, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sent out an urgent message to his supporters in early October warning them that the U.N. would take away their Second Amendment rights.

The U.N. will consider the Arms Trade Treaty next summer regulating international arms trade. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she would support the negotiations on the condition that the talks operate on consensus, giving any country veto power. The U.S. also insisted on adding language that gives states the exclusive right to regulate arms trade within their own borders.

Any treaty would also need 67 votes in the U.S. Senate to be ratified.

Bachmann has made other questionable statements in recent public appearances. Last month she warned that Hezbollah was building missile sites in Cuba. Lacking any medical evidence, she claimed that the HPV vaccine caused mental retardation, later saying she was only "relaying" a claim from a supporter.

Bachmann also said in a recent interview that she wanted her three daughters to learn how to shoot. "I think it's symbolically important," she said. "Women need that ability to protect themselves."

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