NYC Taxi Drivers Told To Stop Honking Or Face Fine

10/25/2011 01:58 pm ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

With just one email, the city's soundtrack may have one less familiar sound soon, and we're guessing New Yorkers won't be missing it.

After the chief of the Taxi and Limousine Commission David Yassky received an email from an angry resident requesting something be done about the incessant, unnecessary honking taking place outside his window, Yassky was convinced to finally do something about the long known issue.

On Monday, Yassky took action and sent the following text message to the city's 13,000 drivers:

Drivers - remember that honking is against the law except when warning of imminent a good neighbor and save yourself a $350 summons -- honk ONLY in an emergency!

If caught, drivers can face $350 for every honk that goes uncalled for.

Police officials will be able to fine drivers, and in order to double efforts, the TLC is encouraging passengers to call 311 to report any excessive honking.

While the news may be sweet music to ears of New Yorkers, cab drivers are not taking the warning well.

A cab driver in Manhattan, Risat Aris, defended the use of horns and explained to the Daily News, "If you don't honk, people don't move, and we need to make money. If you don't honk, people get in the way. In Times Square, people cross in the middle of the street."

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