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Rick Perry Once Put '15 Defecating Chickens' In Room Of Upperclassman Bully

First Posted: 10/25/2011 2:23 pm Updated: 12/25/2011 4:12 am

Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry don't take guff from nobody, at least according to a recent interview with his longtime friend John Sharp, who says Perry once got back at a college bully by putting "15 defecating chickens in his room."

In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Sharp described Perry as a person with an intense drive to get what he wanted. He provided this anecdote to underscore Perry's character:

About midway through their freshman year, fed up with an insufferable upperclassman who had made their lives hard, the two friends assembled a pack that plotted revenge. "Are you in?" Perry asked others, in a recruitment drive. He was persuasive. After the upperclassman finally left campus for a long holiday break, Perry and his buddies locked about 15 defecating chickens in his room. "That place was never the same -- and that guy never messed with us again," Sharp remembers with a laugh.

If Perry does indeed have a passionate will to succeed, he'll most likely need it to bounce back from a recent dip in primary polls. Perry has attempted to get over his campaign hiccup by rolling out a new flat tax proposal this week, but that news has largely been overshadowed by his repeated flirtations with birtherism.

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