10/25/2011 10:16 am ET | Updated Dec 25, 2011

'We Are The 1%': CollegeHumor Gives Rich A Chance (VIDEO)

Just one day after Funny Or Die released their "Occupy Main Street" video, in which the wealthy elite of our country defend themselves against the Occupy Wall Street protests, CollegeHumor released their video for "We Are the 1%," in which the wealthy elite also, well, defend themselves against the Occupy Wall Street protests.

No matter the coincidence that the two original video powerhouses both released similar videos one day apart, one thing will never not be funny -- out-of-touch, opulently wealthy plutocrats. In this video, upon learning that the wealthiest 1% own 57% of the country's wealth, they're outraged: because that means they don't own 43% of the country's wealth.

Perhaps as a reaction against the "We Are the 53%" blog and similar anti-OWS movements, the underlying joke in "We Are the 1%" turns a blind eye against the inherent inequality that exists in our economic structure and plays up the idea that if someone isn't a super rich bazillionaire, it's their own fault. Just ask Herman Cain.