10/26/2011 12:38 pm ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

Abigail Breslin Releases New Single, 'Well Wishes.' Listen Here!

15-year-old Abigail Breslin's pop-rock band CABB -- which she created with her best friend Cassidy Reiff (Abby and Cassidy: get it?) -- just released their new single, "Well Wishes." Abigail expressed her excitement on CABB's Twitter: "What do you guys think of our new song #WellWishes?"

Last night she went on The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon show to talk about her band, the new single and her upcoming film Janie Jones (plus her super-cute Halloween costume!) She told Jimmy that the song is about "liking a guy who likes a girl who's completely using him -- and he doesn't see it."

Can you relate to the message of "Well Wishes"? Are you an Abigail fan? Sound off in the comments!