Duck Sauce's 'Big Bad Wolf' Music Video: Crotch Faces (VIDEO)

10/26/2011 08:05 am ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

Best known for the massively popular New York City tribute video for their song "Barbra Streisand," which has racked up 63 million YouTube views and counting, DJ duo Duck Sauce decided to go a little more avant garde for their new viral visual effort.

We're not saying they're d*ck heads, but the video for "Big Bad Wolf," seems to make a pretty good case.

Featuring two miserable working dudes -- one a line cook at a diner, the other a shoe store clerk -- the video is dreary from the start. And then we see what's in their pants. The band! And as you can read at MTV, that wasn't really fancy computer work, either.

"We shot the whole video with Armand and A-Trak basically with their heads between the legs of these actors, and they were wearing these kind of green-screen bodysuits, so in post, we just removed their bodies," video director Keith Schofield said.

Luckily, the old adage that there's someone for everyone rings true here, as they find similarly endowed ladies at a filthy nightclub. We're not sure if we can call what goes on explicit or just weird make out sessions, so just go ahead and watch for yourself. Without a drink in your mouth, because you may spit it up all over the computer. Needless to say, this probably won't make it to "Glee" anytime soon.