President Obama Doesn't Watch Kardashians, Reality TV (VIDEO)

10/26/2011 09:55 am ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

For President Obama, the inanities of Congress make for all the reality TV he needs.

Last week, in a roundtable discussion with reporters, First Lady Michelle Obama revealed that when her daughters do get to watch television, she wants them to learn a moral lesson. That includes making sure they know that the things people do on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" are crazy. Not exactly a strong endorsement, but better than what she said her husband thought of the reality stars: he's not a fan at all.

So, of course, after some discussion about foreign policy and all that serious stuff on "The Tonight Show" on Tuesday night, Jay Leno just had to ask President Obama about his thoughts on the money-printing media moguls.

"I have not seen the show," he admitted. "I am probably a little biased against reality TV, partly because there's this program on C-Span called 'Congress.' I have not seen the show... I think the girls have seen it."

To be fair, it'd be a little bit worrying if he was a big fan of the Kardashians; he's got enough on his plate, without having to worry about whether Scott Disick and Kourtney will ever indeed get married. And in any case, having to deal with the Senate and House sounds sounds a whole more tedious.