10/26/2011 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 26, 2011

Tom Morello At Occupy LA, Breaks Up Fight At The Troubador

In the spirit of those legendary musicians that played Woodstock, Tom Morello (guitarist for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave) is speaking out to the Occupy Movement and letting the protestors know that they have a rockstar for an ally.

On Tuesday afternoon, Tom Morello -- also known as The Nightwatchman -- took to the "people's microphone" proclaiming his support for Occupy LA and his disappointment in the U.S. Government. He also announced that he wanted "to rock the f**k out" with the Occupy LA movement by providing 175 free tickets (to be distributed "democratically") to his show at The Troubador.

Not only did Morello follow through with his promise, but he even succeeded in breaking up a fight amongst two disagreeable concert go-ers later on that evening.

Guests were hanging outside the Troubador when a "misunderstanding" developed on the sidewalk. Our friendly neighborhood peacemaker, The Nightwatchman, swooped in an said "we're trying to bring it together here in LA, we're not on different sides." Before too long the two men were shaking hands, and the situation had diffused.

Previously, the Nightwatchman played Occupy Wall Street on October 13 and provided Occupy SF protestors with tickets to his Great American Music Hall Show on October 21.

The good vibes and social justice focus are in keeping with his foundation Axis of Justice (co-founded with Serj Tankian of System of a Down), a non-profit devoted to uniting "musicians, fans of music, and grassroots political organizations to fight for social justice," according to their mission statement.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post initially stated that Tom Morello was a bassist, rather than a guitarist.