10/26/2011 04:11 pm ET | Updated Dec 26, 2011

Vallejo Man Spends Nine Hours Stuck In Swing

It's not always easy to accept that you've outgrown a favorite childhood past-time. Just take it from the guy who got himself stuck in a children's swing set.

A 21-year-old man in Vallejo, Calif., spent nine hours immobilized by the kid's toy after a few friends bet him $100 that he would not fit inside, the Vallejo Times-Herald reports.

A groundskeeper discovered the man -- whose identity presumably remains anonymous to spare him further embarrassment -- screaming and swaying inside the swing around 6 a.m. Saturday morning upon arriving at the park for work. Unable to free himself, the man explained he had been in the small seat since 9 p.m. Friday night, around the time he lubed himself with laundry detergent in order to fit inside the swing and win the bet with his friends.

Those so-called "friends" literally left their buddy hanging overnight.

After the groundskeeper called authorities, the Vallejo fire department removed the swing from the structure and transported the man -- still inside the toy -- to Kaiser Permanente Vallejo Medical Center. Once they arrived at the hospital, firefighters used cast cutters to remove the swing.

The man, who now joins the ranks of "guy who got stuck in a toilet seat during a drinking game" and "thief who spent fifteen hours in a high school air conditioning vent," sustained non-life threatening injuries. It remains unclear whether he won the bet.

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