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Butterflied Grilled Chicken

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Butterflied Grilled Chicken

Butterflied Grilled Chicken
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Chicken, quick and easy, straight off the grill with a 3 ingredient marinade.


  • 1 whole chicken
  • Chili paste
  • Olive oil
  • Lime juice


  • SPINELESS CHICKEN: Take a pair of kitchen shears find the spine on the back and cut right along the backbone of your bird. Repeat on the other side of the spine and then remove.
  • FLIP YOUR BIRD: After removing the spine flip the bird over and flatten it out, breaking up the cartilage.
  • MARINADE: Mix in some chili paste and lime juice into some olive oil, this will be your marinade. Thoroughly (use your hands) rub your marinade all over the bird, making sure to get into all the crevices and underneath the skin.
  • SLOW AND LOW: Butterflying and leaving the bones in ensure a juicy bird. Cook the chicken at low temperature for a longer period, 300 degrees Farenheit to 350 degrees Farenheit for about 5 minutes per side. You want to see nice charred bits of the marinade smoking off the chicken.
  • SERVE: Remove the chicken from the grill and use a sharp knife to cut the pieces right along the joints. Plate in a rustic way for an easy and delicious meal.