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Chocolate-Dipped Rats

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Chocolate-Dipped Rats

Chocolate-Dipped Rats
Frances Janisch
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Chocolate-dipped strawberries just aren't scary enough for Halloween, so we've transformed them into fearful creatures of the dark.


  • 20 large strawberries
  • 40 sliced almonds
  • 2 3.5-ounce bittersweet or semisweet chocolate bars, corsely chopped and melted
  • 40 slivered almonds
  • 20 2-inch pieces of black licorice laces


  • Line a baking sheet with waxed or parchment paper. Trim a small piece from one side of each strawberry so they can rest flat on waxed paper. Insert 2 sliced almonds about 1 inch from pointed end of strawberry to make the ears on the rat. Repeat with remaining strawberies.
  • Insert a fork into the wide end of a strawberry. Holding the strawberry on fork, spoon the melted chocolate over the fruit to coat, allowing any excess chocolate to drip off. Place on baking sheet. While chocolate is still wet, arrange 2 slivered almonds to create eyes, then place licorice pieces at the bottom of the wide end of the strawberry to form a tail. Repeat with remaining strawberries, chocolate, almonds, and licorice. Chill until firm.