10/27/2011 04:56 pm ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

Matt Lauer, Justin Timberlake Have Love-In On 'Today'

Matt Lauer is smitten!

The "Today" host sat down with Justin Timberlake and did not hold back from sharing his pure excitement for the interview.

Lauer said that he has been waiting quite some time to talk to Timberlake for one reason, and one reason only: to applaud him for being awesome.

"I've been looking forward for you coming here for this reason...I don't think I've seen anyone in Hollywood over the past two, or three, or four years who has grown as much and taken on as many interesting challenges so amazingly successfully as you," Lauer said. "I mean that."

Timberlake appreciated the compliment however looked mildly uncomfortable and even asked, "Oh, did I write this copy?"

Lauer described Timberlake as having "laser-like focus" and said he suspected the entertainer worked "really hard" at being "a quadruple threat."

Timberlake awkwardly agreed with Lauer and said, "we're all perfectionists in a way." Lauer and Timberlake then played a game called "Justin Timberlake Trivial Pursuit."

"This sounds terrible," Timberlake said.


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