10/27/2011 06:55 pm ET | Updated Dec 27, 2011

'The Lorax' Trailer: Dr. Suess' Movie Hits Theaters In March

The first trailer for ‘The Lorax’ made us smile so much, but we have a feeling the movie will make us cry.

It’s the Seuss book that every mom wonders if she should read to her kids, after all. Because the fuzzy orange creature (with a mustache to rival Mr. Monopoly’s) speaks for the Truffula Trees and has been fighting the good fight since 1971, before green was as trendy as it is vital. And, the greedy Once-ler who represents destructive corporations tries to cut them down to make Thneeds, a fashion product. (Occupy the Truffula Trees Forrest, anyone?)

The cast is great and plays to every generation. Danny DeVito as the Lorax and adorable Zac Efron as Ted… But, here’s the really exciting part: Kids get to see the Once-ler’s face; in the book, Dr. Seuss only showed first-gen Lorax-fans his hands and arms.

Now comes the harder part: waiting five months till it hits theaters.

P.S. The Lorax App is not the least bit educational, but it’s a great distraction -– you and your kids can try on a Lorax mustache.