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Most Common Sex Myths About Baby Boomers

Sex Myths

First Posted: 10/29/2011 3:32 pm Updated: 12/27/2011 5:12 am

Today's Post50s are breaking the mold when it comes to sex at midlife. Once upon a time, an older woman in touch with her sexuality was a punch line -- a cheap laugh exploited by figures in television, film and print. But in a century in which Helen Mirren can win body of the year at 66, the sexuality of the post50 generation can no longer be ignored.

Boomers are healthy, vibrant and sexually liberated - and they intend to remain that way for a long time. A U.K. study found that one third of the demographic would have sex on a first date, a higher fraction than when the question was posed to younger singles.

If older men and women want to live their sex lives to the fullest, then the first step is debunking some of the most repeated - and most erroneous - sex myths. Take notes, you might want to remember a few of these some day:

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  • At A Certain Point In A Relationship, Sex No Longer Matters

    After what may be decades of commitment and teamwork in a marriage, couples often reach a point when they stop viewing sex as a necessity in a relationship now built upon the strong tenets of trust, friendship and love. A lack of sex in a marriage, however, can turn couples into buddies or quasi-roommates and make that special spark even harder to ignite.

  • As People Age, They Lose Their Desire To Have Sex

    Despite the effects that hormonal changes can have on the libidos of older couples, rest assured men and women can enjoy sex at any age. It might not be as easy to become aroused in your 50s as it was in your 20s, but you can increase your sexual stimulation with frequent exercise, healthy changes in diet and, yes, those little blue pills. Here's a tip: the more you have sex, the more you will want to have it.

  • A Women Loses Her Ability To Achieve An Orgasm As She Ages

    Though oft repeated, this claim is not necessarily true. By now, you should know what you like and dislike and be able to shed any sexual inhibitions that you may still be holding on to. Sex after 50 is no longer about exploring foreign terrain, it's about feeling good in your own skin. For these reasons, many women find sex after 50 to be more emotionally and physically satisfying than at any other stage in their lives.

  • A Man Loses His Ability To Achieve An Erection As He Ages

    Though diminishing hormone levels can increase the chance of erectile dysfunction in older men, it shouldn't prevent couples from having healthy, fulfilling sex lives. Apart from Viagra, Cialis and a host of other medical options, men can increase their ability to become aroused in the bedroom through exercise, masturbation and increased foreplay with a partner.

  • All Problems In The Bedroom Will Vanish With An Empty Nest

    Many couples tend to sweep problems they have in the bedroom under the rug with the assumption that sex and romance in their marriage will thrive once the kids leave for college. Unfortunately, without curfews and defiant teens to discuss, couples can often find themselves struggling to make conversation with one another. Such disconnect will create further problems in the bedroom. If the state of your union isn't as strong as you'd like, confront the issues head on and don't make excuses.

  • A Midlife Crisis Is A Marital Death Sentence

    The common narrative goes that a midlife crisis will wreak havoc on the stability and romance of a marriage and may even lead to infidelity and divorce. To combat feelings of boredom and wanderlust, couples should take advantage of the midlife crisis to explore each other sexually in new ways. Incorporate fantasies, toys and roleplaying scenarios in the bedroom to spice things up and turn a midlife crisis into a catalyst for adventure.


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