360 Project: Ryan Enn Hughes, Artist, Transforms Simple Still Images Of Dancers Into Stunning Film

10/28/2011 03:27 pm 15:27:08 | Updated Dec 28, 2011

When Canadian director and photographer Ryan Enn Hughes won a fellowship to explore the structural elements of moving image, he decided to marry film and photography by capturing the frozen movements of dance.

To create a pair of short films for The 360 Project, the artist teamed up with film and sound heavyweights,The Big Freeze and Zelig Sound.

With 48 cameras aligned in a circle, ballerinas and krump dancers were photographed in 360 degrees.

After a painstaking post-production process, the individual photographs were then assembled, like a flip book, to create a rotating peak moment of action frozen in 360 degrees, Hughes told the Huffington Post in an email.

Watch the two stunning films that animate and illuminate the dancers from a never seen before view. Next, you'll find a 'Behind The Scenes' video and photo gallery.

Krump 360

Ballet 360

Behind the Scenes - The 360 Project

Ryan Hughes
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