10/29/2011 10:45 am ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Man Lied To Police About Being Deaf, Told The Truth About Being Dumb

A Joliet man lied about not being able to speak or hear when police stopped him last week in New Lenox Township, then tried fleeing the scene when they realized it was an act.

Will County Sheriff's police said deputies saw a car cross into the oncoming traffic lane three times and then pulled over the vehicle. The driver was Brandon C. Nesbitt, 22, of Carbondale, and when police asked Godfrey for identification, Nesbitt told them his friend was deaf and dumb, unable to speak or hear anything.

Police were suspicious and asked Godfrey to step out of the car, and he immediately responded to the verbal command. Police still played along, handing Godfrey a piece of paper that asked him to write his name and birth date. Godfrey scribbled a name, but when police ran it in their system there were no results.

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