10/28/2011 01:04 pm ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Norb Krzak, Good Samaritan From Georgia, Saves Man From Oncoming Train: Listen To 911 Call (VIDEO)

Norb Krzak of Madison County, Ga., was on his way to work when he encountered a car that had crashed onto a set of train tracks.

He quickly realized the gravity of the accident when he saw the two occupants of the car.

"One was covered in blood; the other was sitting upright in the middle of the train track," he told KSDK.

But then the situation became even more dire, as Krzak heard a train coming. He immediately called 911, the news outlet reports.

"There's a guy laying out. He got ejected," Krzak told the dispatcher, before yelling at the occupant of the car to get off the tracks.

But he wasn't moving, so Krzak sprung into action, removing the injured man about a minute before the train hit the car.

The other occupant had made it to the side of the tracks out of danger, Online Athen reports.

"Bless your heart," dispatcher Rita Fulcher told Krzak. Both heroes were honored for their efforts.

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