10/28/2011 03:58 pm ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

Tyra Banks Visits A Middle School Wearing A Very Tight Dress

Tyra Banks was out (yet again) promoting her best-selling novel "Modelland." The model-turned-mogul, who is also earning a business degree at Harvard University, surprised an auditorium full of 400 students at Mary McLeod Bethune Middle School in Los Angeles, Ca..

What did the kids do to deserve such a fabulous surprise? They raised their attendance by two percent in two weeks while taking part in the Get Schooled Foundation's nationwide attendance challenge.

The kids were able to ask Banks questions and everyone received a copy of "Modelland" (of course).

"I feel like I have a connection to young adults, teens -- just young people in general. It's a natural place for me. I feel like there is a teenage girl inside of me," Banks told NBC News Los Angeles.

Looks like Banks was trying to bring out that inner teenage girl by wearing a tight black dress complete with a zipper up the front and side--not the best outfit to wear in front of her young fans. Perhaps she should look to the FLOTUS for inspiration on school appropriate attire.

Tyra Visits School In Tight Dress