'White Trash' Series Portrays Founding Fathers On Beer Cans By Artist Kim Albrooks

10/30/2011 06:36 am ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

The 'White Trash' Series by artist Kim Alsbrooks is a reminder of the Civil War and the history of class distinction.

From George Washington on a crushed beer can to Louis Callas on a carton of fries, the series portrays America's most wealthy and influential 18th century figures on pieces of trash.

Each piece is gessoed with an oval shape, while the image is drawn in graphite, painted in oils and varnished.

Frustrated by the romanticized biased historical accounts of prominent citizens from that era, Alsbrooks decided to bring these untouchable figures down to our level by painting them on old beer cans and fast food cartons.

"So much of our history seemed untold of other wars, other times and places, other people and other ways of life. Yet those stories, which may have had greater importance, in fact, were discarded trash," says Alsbrooks in an email to the Huffington Post.

"And so I sought to challenge the ideals and perhaps level the playing field by depicting various sought after images on trash," she explains.

Check out Kim Alsbrooks 'White Trash' series below.

White Trash Art In Beer