10/30/2011 04:15 pm ET | Updated Dec 30, 2011

Animal Photos Of The Week

Sometimes it's nice when animals that often get a bad rap receive a little good attention.

News surfaced this past week of a pit bull in Georgia who alerted his owner that his wife had suffered a medical emergency. The dog is first in his neighborhood to receive a "Neighbor of the Year" award.

In less serious dog news, a 7-week-old puppy had his first encounter with an ice cube and didn't quite know what to make of it.

Sometimes, people have to learn the hard way not to disturb certain animals. In this video, a man messes with the wrong crab and gets a shocking surprise.

More news came out this week about the recent tragic exotic animals incident in Ohio. The wife of the farm owner who released the exotic animals before taking his own life wanted to take the surviving animals back from the Columbus Zoo. But officials determined the animals will need to be kept in quarantine at the zoo for now.

The exotic animal farm owner's neighbor spoke out this week and said he would prefer that the six surviving animals not return to the farm.

As Halloween approached, dogs dressed up in costumes, and people dressed up as animals.

Check out our favorite animal photos of the week below (you may notice a recurring pumpkin theme).

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Animals Of The Week 10/30/11