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HuffPost Women And Poppin 'Dress Up Your Desk' Giveaway Winner Announced

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Dress up your desk with Poppin office supplies! | Poppin

Congratulations to Dianna Ray, our HuffPost Women and Poppin "Dress Up Your Desk" contest winner.

Inspired by Arianna Huffington's On Becoming Fearless Love, Work and Life
we asked our readers to tell us about their most fearless moment at work for a chance to win stylish office gear from Poppin.

Dianna submitted the following story about her own act of fearlessness:

My bravest moment was recently when I wrote my first profession­al proposal requesting a promotion and raise outlining my own value to a company that is built by and with the smartest most successful women in the industry -- when I started out with them I felt completely out of my depth, and now I feel that I'm as much an integral and important part of the company as any of the woman I work with and admire -- and apparently they agree, they gave me my promotion and MORE money than I was asking for -- if that isn't validation I don't know what is!

Dianna, please email us at to claim your prize!