Kat Von D's New Clothing Line Looks Surprisingly ... Normal (PHOTOS)

10/31/2011 01:18 pm ET | Updated Dec 31, 2011

Kat Von D has just launched her new clothing line entitled 'Love Letters,' on her website KatVonDLosAngeles.com. The The Fall 2011 lookbook is complete with staple "Kat" items, like lots of black, lace, military coats, and the occasional ripped sweater. And while the clothes are pretty much what we expected of the goth princess, they're surprisingly not terrible. So who knows, maybe the tattoo artist has an eye for designing as well...

Here's what Kat Von D had to say about the inspiration for her new line on her website:

"The purpose of me creating this clothing line is simply to practice and share what Mom taught me:
Express yourself through your art - whether it's your drawings in a sketchpad, tattoos on your skin, the shade of your lipstick, or the clothes that you wear."

Check out the complete Fall 2011 lookbook below.