11/01/2011 08:46 am ET | Updated Dec 31, 2011

Shopping Cart Dropped Four Floors Onto Head Of Marion Salmon Hedges In East Harlem

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Police have charged two 12-year-old boys for allegedly tossing a shopping cart off the fourth floor of a parking lot Sunday. The cart landed on the head of a 47-year-old mother, leaving her in critical condition.

The two boys were reportedly playing on a walkway that connects the East Harlem Target to a parking lot near East 116th Street and Pleasant Avenue (Gothamist has a photo here) when they dropped the shopping cart.

A witness told The New York Daily News , "Their friend was trying to stop it, saying 'Don't do it!'"

Marion Salmon Hedges was walking with her 14-year-old son outside the East Harlem Target when, according to police, the cart bounced off a sign and landed on her head.

She was taken to Harlem Hospital with severe head trauma and listed in critical but stable condition, The Wall Street Journal reports. Her son was not injured.

"It's in God's hands," the victim's father-in-law, Michael Hedges, said tearfully Monday, according to The News. "You see her laying there, unconscious in the bed, with 50,000 tubes in her. She has absolutely no recognition, not even a glimmer of anything."

The NYPD looked at surveillance footage from the scene that showed the two boys trying to toss the cart over the top rail of the garage, police told The Journal. Detectives were able to identify the boys, whose names have not been released due to their age, from their Facebook accounts.