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Photos Of Phil And Me

First Posted: 11/01/2011 6:30 pm EDT Updated: 11/19/2012 6:34 pm EST

My hubby Phil and I have had some really memorable moments throughout the years - here are some of my favorite photos that I love to look back on - Enjoy! - MT.

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  • New York Sightseeing

    After walking the 350 steps to the pedestal of the Lady of the Harbor, Phil, Kevin and I stopped for a breath. See the NYC skyline behind us!

  • Gay Pride Parade 2013

    Phil and I marched in the Gay Pride Parade in June 2013. Thousands of New Yorkers marched down Fifth Ave. and thousands more cheered on the side lines. It was an exciting day for civil rights!

  • Gay Pride Parade 2013

    Here is another shot of Phil and I marching in the June 2013 Gay Pride Parade.

  • Donahue

    Phil and I met on his talk show, "Donahue," in 1977 -- it was instant chemistry. He flirted, I giggled, and his TV audience watched us fall in love.

  • Fashion Show

    The "Donahue" show was doing a fashion show, and the producers asked me to surprise Phil and come out as one of the models. You should have seen the look on his face when I walked out -- he was truly surprised. It was such fun to do!

  • Disney World

    This is Phil and me on our first date -- at Disney World! He was in Orlando doing "Donahue," I was filming a movie in the south, and he invited me to fly in and join him. You can see by smiles on our faces that we were definitely under the spell of the Magic Kingdom.

  • When In Rome

    This is one of my favorite photos -- from a trip Phil and I took to Rome the year before we got married. It was a wonderful, romantic, and funny vacation. On this particular day we took a spin through Rome the way the Romans do -- on a motorbike -- and got hopelessly lost. I ended up hopping a cab back to the hotel, and telling the driver, "Don't lose the guy on the Vespa!"

  • Angelo Drive

    Here's Phil and me in the backyard of my house on Angelo Drive in Los Angeles while we were dating. Was the picket fence a premonition of things to come?

  • Emmy Nominations

    Here we are walking into an Emmy ceremony when we were dating. Phil had been nominated for two Emmys that year -- one for best talk show host and the other for best talk show. He looks pretty relaxed for a double-nominee, doesn't he?

  • Emmy Winner

    Back at my place after the Emmy ceremony. Guess who won BOTH of his Emmys?

  • Long Distance

    Here's Phil and me on my backyard patio in Los Angeles during those dating days. Phil is wearing a suit because on Fridays, he'd run straight from his "Donahue" tapings in Chicago to the airport, jump on a plane, and fly out to see me. Now that's what I call love! (Of course, there were just as many Fridays that I flew to see him in Chicago, too!)

  • Equal Rights Amendment March

    Phil and I didn't just go on vacations or give parties when we were dating -- we also joined arms and marched. Here we are marching for the Equal Rights Amendment in Chicago. Among our fellow marchers were Bella Abzug (in hat, second from the left) and Betty Friedan (far right) -- and thousands of women warriors.

  • Our Wedding

    I bet you were wondering when we'd finally tie the knot! Phil and I got married in 1980 at my parents' home in Los Angeles, and it truly was one of the happiest days of my life. This was our first dance as a married couple. I loved my bridal dress -- it was a white satin, off-the-shoulder design.

  • Marriage License

    Just so you know we're legal, here's Phil and me signing our marriage license at Mayor Bradley's office in Los Angeles. My brother, Tony, took the picture. Sentimentalist that I am, I have this photo in a heart-shaped frame in my study.

  • Our Honeymoon

    Here we are on our honeymoon at the legendary Acropolis in Athens. We'd chosen Greece because neither of us had ever been there and we both wanted to see it. Three islands in two weeks -- it was paradise!

  • Candlelit Dinner

    On the Greek island of Corfu on our honeymoon --candlelight romance and all.

  • First Anniversary

    Phil and I celebrated our first anniversary with my Mom and Dad at their home in Beverly Hills -- in the same room where we were married. Do my parents look happy, or what?

  • Great Wall Of China

    Every year on our anniversary, Phil and I give each other a trip as a gift. Here we are on our first anniversary, strolling along the Great Wall of China. We didn't do the entire 5000-mile trek along Inner Mongolia -- we can be lazy that way.

  • Christmas In Illinois

    For the first four years of our marriage, Phil was doing his show in Chicago and we lived in his wonderful house in Winnetka, Illinois, where he was raising his four boys. This photo is from our last Christmas there. The following January, Phil moved his show -- and we moved our life -- to New York.

  • DonaHUEY

    Here's Phil and me in the backyard of our house in Connecticut. That's our dog, Huey, a gorgeous Golden Retriever who I named after Phil (as in DonaHUEY).

  • Huey And Louie

    Here we are again in Connecticut, now with Huey and Louie. You can tell Louie is my dog -- look at how much he wants my attention (or maybe I just have a cookie in my pocket).

  • Winter In Conneticut

    Winters in Connecticut are beautiful -- and a true miracle for a girl from Beverly Hills! Phil made this snowman for the kids, but we had to hold onto Huey and Louie to keep them from jumping on it. After the picture was taken, that snowman was toast.

  • The Isle Of Capri

    Here's another one of Phil's and my anniversary vacations, on the beautiful isle of Capri. We rented a car and drove along the famed Amalfi coast. The view of the water from the road was so stunning that we pulled over, got out of the car and took this picture.

  • Black Tie

    Here's Phil and me on a night on the town. He hates black tie, but he was a good sport that night.

  • Movie Premiere Date

    At a movie premiere in New York. I love watching films with Phil -- he's as much a movie buff as I am.

  • Aboard The Mugsy

    The happiest days Phil and I have are the ones we spend all alone, together. We especially love heading out on the water on our boat. Here we are on the Mugsy -- which is a nickname my dad gave me when I was a little girl.

  • Out On The Water

    Snuggling on the Mugsy. Phil has such a cute look on his face -- I love this picture.

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