11/02/2011 04:40 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

'21 Jump Street' Trailer: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum Go Back To High School (VIDEO)

He may be the bad seed here, but Dave Franco some credit: at least he picked up on the fact that it's preposterous to think Channing Tatum could pass as a high schooler.

Not that it won't be hilarious to see him try.

The first red band trailer for Tatum and Jonah Hill's big screen reboot of the classic undercover cop series "21 Jump Street" has hit the twittersphere -- to quote Ice Cube, who plays a role in the flick. Hill and Tatum star as two former high school classmates, one a nerd and the other a dumb jock, who team up on the city police force in an awkward-at-best union.

A few busts on bikes later, and they join the Jump Street team, which sends them back to high school to take down a drug ring and Rob Riggle, both of which are ridiculous in their own right. Oh, and being a teenager again? That may be the most difficult part of it all.

The film hits theaters this spring; check out the trailer and let us know if you think it matches up to the old Johnny Depp show in the comments.