11/02/2011 09:42 am ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

Alexander McQueen's Secret Inspiration: Joey Tribbiani From 'Friends'

The late fashion designer to the stars Alexander McQueen often took his inspiration from unusual places: his mentor Isabella Blow, Renaissance painters and the strangest ephemera of nature, just to name a few.

But a new interview with McQueen creative director Sarah Burton, noticed by Fashion Etc., reveals what's perhaps the strangest place McQueen turned for a muse: 90's sitcoms.

"I remember him saying to me, 'I watched "Friends" last night, did you see the shirt that Joey was wearing?' But then, he would get a Van Eyck book out, so it was this kind of mad mix. There's no snobbery to it. He had this way of making you look at everything for inspiration so you didn't just go, 'Ok, we're doing Seventies.'"

We're inspired by "Friends" too, but mostly to loll around in coffee shops complaining about our love lives, so points for you, McQueen. We're just hoping the models at the next McQueen show don't come sashaying down the runway with "the Rachel."