11/02/2011 08:28 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

Dodgers For Sale: Angelenos Celebrate McCourt Departure With A Hearty 'Good Riddance' (SLIDESHOW) (POLL)

Angelenos are celebrating the announcement Wednesday morning that Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will sell the team. Some fans even planned an informal rally to celebrate together at 6pm, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Angelenos have fervently been tweeting how happy they are to see McCourt go. As for who the next owner should be, opinions vary. KTLA poll results have Mark Cuban in the lead with 32%, Steve Garvey player group in a close second with 29%, followed by Other with 16%, the O’Malley Family with 14% and Foreign Investors with 8%. Although Cuban leads in the poll and, it seems, on Twitter, he told the LA Times Tuesday, "At the right price, I'm interested" but "not if the price is over $1 billion."

Several tweeters have shared a desire to acquire public ownership together, splitting the cost among voluntary Angelenos. Own the Dodgers, a campaign for public ownership of the team, plans to raise $800 million, which it says is the "generally accepted market value of the Team." Despite a Major League Baseball ban against public ownership, Own the Dodgers point to the partial public ownership of the Cleveland Indians that began in 1998 as a model of success.

While maybe not as mass ownership, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa agrees that the owner of the team needs to be an Angeleno. As The City Maven reports, the mayor expressed his views today:

I believe that whoever buys this team needs to live in this town, needs to be from this city. Somebody who loves this town and believes in this city, and understands that the Dodgers aren't just a team. They're a collective community asset.

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