11/02/2011 09:30 am ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

Jennifer Lawrence: 'Hunger Games' Is Not 'Twilight'

With "The Twilight Saga" beginning to wind down -- the first part of its final chapter will be released later this month -- and Hollywood desperate for another teen-driven cash cow, all eyes are on the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins' mega hit book series, "The Hunger Games." The hope is that the Gary Ross-directed first film can spark the kind of financial frenzy that Stephenie Meyer's book-to-film did (and with an infinitely more accomplished cast).

But Jennifer Lawrence, the girl at the center of the entire budding empire, isn't quite convinced it'll happen. At least not yet.

"'Hunger Games' is not 'Twilight,' and while I hear the comparisons, it's really premature to say that it will be the same phenomenon," she tells Vanity Fair in a new interview. "I'm so proud of the work we did on the film--Gary and the entire cast and crew were amazing, and I can't wait for it to be brought to life because I think it's an important story."

That's the thing; this isn't just a mega career step for Lawrence. It's also a passion project.

"These kids are killing one another only because if they don't they'll die," she says. "It's needless, pointless, unjustified violence. It's heartbreaking. When I auditioned, I told Gary, I understand if you don't hire me, but please remember that after Katniss shoots a bow and kills someone, her face cannot be badass.'"

Lawrence has already been the focus of media spotlight for the series, with still photos and trailers being slowly leaked out by Liongate and interviews beginning to ramp up. In one of those first interviews after getting the part, Lawrence told the Wall Street Journal about her apprehensions, especially in the wake of all the awkward parties she had to attend after being nominated for an Oscar for her role in "Winter's Bone."

"I got a taste of fame from the Oscars and I didn't like it. That's a terrible thing to say because it's such a tremendous honor. But I went from being normal Jennifer to being at these parties where I couldn't just be the girl making dumb jokes in the corner," she said. "I remember sitting in a coffee shop in London thinking, if I say yes to this job, next year at this time people will be here taking pictures of me with their phones. And I couldn't find a bright side in it. But I didn't want to say no to a script that I loved because I was scared."

Our advice? Get ready for the onslaught of camera phones.

Lawrence can next be seen alongside Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones in the upcoming indie drama, "Like Crazy." "The Hunger Games" hits theaters in March.