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John Hodgman Defends 'Moneyed Americans' On 'The Daily Show' (VIDEO)

First Posted: 11/02/11 04:00 PM ET Updated: 11/02/11 06:15 PM ET

It didn't take long after the Occupy Wall Street protests began for comedians to pick up on the humorous aspects of the movement. And wouldn't you believe, most of them choose to mock the 1% rather than the protesters. Hey, there are only so many comedian millionaires.

But leave it to John Hodgman of "The Daily Show" to side with Wall Street. On Tuesday night's episode, he expressed his grave concern for the wealthy, or "Moneyed Americans," and how marginalized they've become in our society. Poor guys. Hodgman wants to know why people are demonizing the 1%, when they're the ones propping up the underclass, the "non producers" like children, teachers and nurses?

To give a little context to his facetious argument, Hodgman flaunted his own wealth by bringing along a Yale choir to sing of his life's achievements. You remember the "I'm a mac/I'm a PC" commercials, right? Of course you do.

Watch the full segment above (or here) to hear Hodgman's full plea to stop the bullying of billionaires, plus how he and fellow rich person Bill O'Reilly plan to act if their taxes are raised. Here's a hint: not like adults.


Filed by Katla McGlynn  |