11/02/2011 04:56 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2012

More 'X-Factor' Drama: Simon Cowell & Nicole Scherzinger Not Getting Along?

See Simon, we believe this is what you call Karma. After replacing U.K. pop star Cheryl Cole with U.S. pop star Nicole Scherzinger, it seems like Cowell may now be regretting that "X-Factor" casting decision.

Last week, Cowell criticized Scherzinger for a few of her song and wardrobe choices, and now, it seems like Cowell doesn't want to risk anything this week.

RadarOnline reports that tensions are behind-the-scenes, especially after Cowell decided to intervene with Scherzinger's contestants this week. "Simon said last week he didn't like Stacy Frances' song and called her a 'church singer,' which Nicole took as a huge insult," said the RadarOnline source. "It actually wasn't. It was about Nicole picking the wrong style song for Stacy. This week Simon started appearing at Nicole's acts during rehearsals. He thinks it's hilarious that Nicole got so mad with him last week and loves the fact Nicole's acts seek his approval. This week he's even taking credit for choosing Stacy's song."

In related news, "The X-Factor" is currently under more scrutiny after former contestant Dexter Haygood said he rigged his elimination with the show's producers. Not to mention another one of Scherzinger's contestants, Stacy Francis, is amidst controversy, after she made several false claims regarding her professional past.

But it's not all bad news for Cowell. Fox recently renewed "The X-Factor" for Season 2.