Richard Socarides, Former Clinton Adviser And Equality Matters President, Discusses Defense Of Marriage Act (VIDEO)

11/02/2011 03:38 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

A former senior adviser to President Bill Clinton appeared on CNN today to discuss Defense of Marriage Act on the eve of a possible Senate Judiciary Committee vote that could begin the repeal process of the controversial 1996 legislation.

"Typically, sometimes Congress works more slowly than public opinion...what we see in this country now is an increasing majority of Americans who support the basic freedom to marry for all loving and committed couples," noted Richard Socarides, who now serves as president for Equality Matters, a LGBT advocacy group.

After praising President Obama's work for LGBT causes, Socarides noted, "When President Clinton signed this bill, unfortunately, in no state could you be married," "I think he regrets signing it and he has announced himself that he supports the right of all Americans to have equal marriage rights."

Watch Socarides' full CNN interview below:

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