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14 Of Cinema's Most Stylish Roles Of All Time (VIDEOS)

First Posted: 11/04/11 05:55 PM ET   Updated: 11/04/11 06:47 PM ET

From the slick noir of Melvillie's Le Samourai to Drive's homage to new wave, style can be just as important to films as narrative itself—sometimes it's all that's holding a film up. What some movies lack in tearjerking emotional gravity can be made up for with dramatic cuts and enviably trendy characters. Whether it's shaking down jive turkeys or giving birth to the son of satan, these actors knew how to bring out an acute sense of fashion regardless of the role. Here's our selection for the most stylish figures in cinema history.

Pam Grier - Foxy Brown (1974)
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In the role that kickstarted her career, Pam Grier sizzles as the crime-fighting Foxy Brown in the classic 1974 blaxploitation film of the same name. Her quest to rid the world of mobsters, pimps and drug dealers was done ever so stylishly and became a symbol for female empowerment.
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