11/03/2011 09:35 am ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel And Ellen DeGeneres Have A 'Nice Off' (VIDEO)

Ellen DeGeneres has become America's sweetheart over the years. Between her daytime talk show, being the voice of Dory in "Finding Nemo" and asking us to adopt turkeys, there are plenty of examples of what a kindhearted lady she is out there.

But when she stopped by Kimmel Wednesday night, her presence struck a nerve with Jimmy. Just because he's not a vegan and doesn't start his show off with fun dancing every night doesn't mean he's evil, right? He wasn't so sure.

So to settle the score, he challenged Ellen to a good old-fashioned nice-off (complete with chain link fences and shouting onlookers).

We won't spoil it for you by giving away who wins, but suffice it to say that he met some pretty stiff competition.

Click here to watch on Youtube.