11/03/2011 12:12 pm ET | Updated Jan 03, 2012

#OccupyDenver To Vacate Civic Center Park For 2011 Veterans Day Parade

When Occupy Denver first set up in Denver's Civic Center park, some expressed displeasure at their choice of locale. For one, the park officially closes at night, leaving protesters in a tricky legal tap dance on the sidewalk. For another, the occupiers shared space with a Veterans Memorial. Some viewed the cluster of tents and kitchen, near a monument to veterans, as inappropriate.

"We have gold star fallen hero families... It's a solemn occasion," Tim Drago, an opponent of Occupy Denver's Veterans Memorial location told 7News. "We have rights too. We have the right to be there to do what we have a permit for. They don't even have a damn permit." Drago voiced his concerns in early October, fearing the Occupy protesters may overshadow the November Veterans Day Parade.

According to a press release from Occupy Denver, the group has decided to temporarily move to Skyline Park during this Saturday's 2011 Veterans Day Parade:

Last night, Occupy Denver came to a unanimous consensus to vacate Civic Center Park following the 7 PM General Assembly meeting on Friday, November 4th, in a show of solidarity with our veterans our service men and women, and our fallen heroes. Occupy Denver Supports the valor and sacrifice of the men and women of our armed forces, and unilaterally wishes to show unwavering support and respect for the Veterans Day Parade.

The release further notes their relocation to Skyline Park is temporary. Skyline Park sits directly across from the Denver branch of the Federal Reserve -- an object of protest. Following the Veterans Day Parade, the group will lead a "Solidarity Vigil" returning to the space in Civic Center Park.