11/04/2011 10:25 am ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

'Like Smoke': The Amy Winehouse/Nas Duet Off 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' (AUDIO)

Among the tracks that'll be released on Amy Winehouse's posthumous Dec. 6 album Lioness: Hidden Treasures is her sorrowful Nas duet, "Like Smoke," which was recorded in 2008 and premiered this Wednesday on New York City's Hot 97. It's known Winehouse wanted to collaborate with Nas (as in Nasir Jones, as in "Me And Mr. Jones") for years, but reports are conflicting on whether he recorded his lines for the duet before or after Winehouse died this year. Certainly the verse about "occupying Wall Street" sounds like a recent addition (or maybe Nas is short for Nastrodamus?). In any case, the finished product is smooth no matter the recording process, as well as very, very sad. We've got the track below and his and her excerpts below that. Strange fact: Winehouse and Nas also share a birthday.



I never wanted you to be my man
I just need your company...
Don't want to get dependent on
Your time or who you spend it on
Then lose the way you love me
Like smoke
I hung around
In the unbalance


Will I marry again, maybe, I guess...
I be out in London, Camden
Hunting for the answers
Why did God take away the homie
I can't say that I'm a firm believer
That we all meet up in eternity
Just hope the big man
Show me some courtesy...