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Jon Stewart Rips Congressional GOP's 'In God We Trust' Debate: 'You're Doing It To Be D*cks' (VIDEO)

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Whenever you ask a congressperson, a Presidential candidate or just about any political pundit what the most important thing this country needs right now, it's jobs, jobs, jobs. Immigration and war reform, sure, but jobs are key.

So you can imagine Jon Stewart's surprise this week when he found out the hot issue in Congress was not about jobs, but about what's printed on our money instead: the United States motto, "In God We Trust."

So why is Congress taking time out of its busy schedule to reaffirm this country's trust in God? According to Rep. Randy Forbes and other Republicans who proposed the vote, it was necessary because Barack Obama thought it was "E Pluribus Unum." They thought he could use a reminder.

"Oh, so you're doing it to be d*cks!" Stewart joked. "The only thing more important than focusing on jobs is sending the President a petty, unrelated message on official house stationery."

The motto was reaffirmed, but not before a ridiculous display of opinions from both sides on the issue. Stewart goes through the best ones, and let's just say he finds a way to use that Charlie Rangel sleeping picture again.

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