11/04/2011 03:21 pm ET | Updated May 16, 2016

Poet Inspires #OccupyDenver Crowd With 'Livin In The Land Where The Whip Still Cracks' (VIDEO)

Michael Moore may have drawn the crowd Thursday at Occupy Denver, but the day's most memorable moment may be attributed to a poet who stepped forward to recite "Livin' In The Land Where The Whip Still Cracks."

Emerging from the crowd, the man, identified as Noah Gauthier, calls for a (now infamous) "Mic check," and says, "I'm an introvert naturally, but my passion on this planet is people and the spoken word. If you good people wouldn't mind, I have something I'd like to share, and it may take about four minutes. Let me see those fingers if that's ok with you." He proceeds to let loose with what may be termed an Occupy Anthem.

Hat tip to DenverDirect.TV for sharing a video of the moving poem.

Note: the video is a bit shaky at first but worth sticking through to the end:

This article has been updated with the identity of the poet.