11/05/2011 02:01 am ET | Updated Jan 04, 2012

Billboard Apology: Nabeel Khokhar Bhai Sets Up Billboard In Pakistan Apologizing To His Soon-To-Be Wife (PHOTO)

Nabeel Khokhar Bhai must have really screwed up. first posted the image of the incredible billboard below, which reportedly appeared along Karachi, Pakistan's Shahra-e-Faisal. Although we cannot independently verify the legitimacy of the photo or the billboard, the image seems to be going viral online. On the billboard, the man (whom no one seems to know) posted this stunning apology to his soon-to-be wife. We have no idea what he did to justify such a display.

Here's the billboard's text if you have trouble reading it from the photo (NOTE: Some text may be cut off in the photo, but we've written what we can see):

Hi Princess

I know I Don't have your attention these days...

I know I have been, dirty, sneaky, immoral, poorly-endowed slimeball

& everything But I Really want to make things right, because

without you I am nothing and all I want is a chance to prove myself.

I am Sorry for everything I have done but I have learned...

Your's (soon to be) Husband,

Nabeel Khokhar.

P.s. I Love You.

The text at the bottom of the billboard reads, "This is not a public service message."

While the billboard is printed in English, it apparently was displayed in Pakistan. As states, we'd really like to know who this guy is and what exactly he did.

The billboard can be viewed below: