11/06/2011 03:23 pm ET | Updated Jan 06, 2012

Animal Photos Of The Week

This past week, multiple animal videos kept audiences around the world captivated.

Ever wonder what a murmuration is? Find out in this amazing video of birds in flight.

Another video surfaced this past week, of two whales nearly crashing down upon a surfer and some kayakers near Santa Cruz, California.

Other animals like to say hello in friendly ways. In this video, Maru the cat is obsessed with high fives. In another video, a cat can't seem to get enough of a laser pointer.

In other cat news, some bigger kitties will be receiving help from the police. Interpol announced that it is launching a campaign to "help save the world's last wild tigers in the 13 Asian countries where they still exist.

Television star Bob Barker was in Congress this week to advocate for a bill that would "restrict the use of exotic and wild animals in traveling circuses."

Sadly, an elephant at a sanctuary in Tennessee lost her best friend recently. Bella the dog was a longtime companion and an unusual friend for Tarra the elephant. The two reportedly ate, played and slept together.

Check out some of our favorite animal pics from the past week below:

Animal Photos Of The Week 11/6/11