Brett Ratner And Eddie Murphy In Talks For Another Movie Collaboration

11/07/2011 12:18 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Though "Tower Heist" was bested by "Puss in Boots" this past weekend, director Brett Ratner is far from discouraged. In fact, he is even thinking about heading up another Eddie Murphy movie.

Ratner and Murphy are in talks for another project. (No, not the buzzed-about "Beverly Hills Cop 4," though the director said that he's still holding out hope for that project.)

"I'd make anything with Eddie," Ratner said to TheWrap... I really love working with him. To me, he's my hero."

And it seems that this hero worship seems to go both ways. The duo is famously teaming up for a run at the Oscars, with Ratner producing and Murphy hosting.

While "Tower Heist" has received somewhat tepid numbers at the box office, Ratner was lauded for making Murphy funny once again.

And after coming in second after Drew Barrymore for the most over-paid actor in Hollywood, let's hope these upcoming Ratner-Murphy collaborations will go a long way to mend Murphy's past flops.

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