Hotel Robber Foiled By Mixed Martial Arts Experts (VIDEO)

11/07/2011 12:15 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

Two men staying at a Hollywood hotel more than earned their keep last Wednesday when they foiled a robbery in the lobby.

Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney, two mixed martial arts experts from Oregon, were in town to attend a local martial arts tournament. The Los Angeles Times reports that when they entered the hotel lobby from the elevator, they could hear the hotel clerk calling for help: "Gun! He robbed me!"

Instantly, their martial arts training took over. The pair lept on the robber, who was trying to escape, and wrestled the gun away from him. Alvarez and Denney were able to hold the intruder to the ground until police came to arrest him.

In this interview with ABC 7, both Alvarez and Denney describe the moves they used to subdue the robber: a figure 4 body lock and a Brazilian jiu-jitsu moved called the "rear naked choke." The LAPD also notes that the robber was brought to the ground with a leg sweep.

Los Angeles man Luis Rosales was arrested and booked for armed robbery with a fire arm, and police were able to recover both the handgun and the money from the hotel cash register, according to a statement from the Los Angeles police.

Alvarez told the LA Times that Rosales didn't seem to want to hurt the good samaritans, and that he kept begging to be released so he could kiss his daughter one last time. Rosales' bail was set at $101,250.