'Occupy - A Grown-Up Coloring Book Novel' (VIDEO)

11/07/2011 07:52 pm ET | Updated Jan 07, 2012

How are we to comprehend a movement with no single leader, a wide range of demands and 2,464 Occupy "communities" in different cities and towns across the globe? How about a coloring book?

The folks over at Big Coloring Books decided to create an educational 36-page book that intends to clear up any misconceptions about the movement and provide some entertaining satire along the way. "Occupy - A Grown-Up Coloring Book Novel" features line drawings and quotes representing views from all over the political spectrum. Everyone from Bill O' Reilly to Plato makes an appearance as the Occupy movement is broken down into a series of simple images.

While the explanation of the movement is the main focus, the book doesn't skimp on classic coloring book activities. It comes complete with new "Occupy" songs, poems and games, but perhaps the most compelling aspect, as their website puts it, is the "true to life 'Guilt Relief Donation Form' for the overburdened 1%!" View a video for the Occupy Coloring book below and get your own here.